How to Flash Zgemma Star H Series HD Linux Enigma2 Receivers



Use a USB stick, formatted in FAT32.

Get a good E2 image, say from PurE2 “repository”, here:

Unpack/send it to a USB memory stick. Unmount it properly and take it out of your PC.

Stick it into the FRONT USB PORT of your H.2H STB, behind the little flap-door, hiding a card slot!

Press the black Reset button and hold it. Then, press the white power button ON and wait ’till you see FLSH on LCD, then let go… and enjoy…

P.S. Alternatively, as I found out by mistake, press and hold the white power button at the back of the H.2H and HOLD IT! Don’t let it go until you see FLSH on LCD.

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