Brief description of an FBC tuner

Receivers like Vu Solo4K, Vu Ultimo 4K, Gigablue Quad 4K have FBC tuners.

Please do not assume you can only use Unicable with FBC tuners. The two technologies are separate and independent. Yes, you will achieve more if you combine the two.

Brief description of an FBC tuner:

A satellite FBC unit/module consists of two tuners with physical connections and 6 leaf tuners without physical connections.

The two physical connections can have different signal source. E.g. One motorised, one fixed/diseqc switch. It does not matter which way round.

There is internal linkage between the tuners that can be used. This only applies within the same FBC module. When configuring the tuners, there is an option for “connected”. This is where you specify which tuner to piggy back off. You piggy back off the tuner that has a signal wire attached.

There is no linkage between FBC modules. If you have two tuner modules, i.e four physical connections, each module must have at least a signal wire attached to it. Currently, only the Ultimo 4K can have more than one FBC module/unit

If using a unicable LNB, the splitter can be next to the receiver.

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