Tuner configuration setup for a Motorised dish using stored positions

This is a quick tutorial to show the tuner configuration settings for a Motorised dish setup without using Usals.

Tuner A is connected to the motorised dish,and is being used in “Advanced” setting.

The first screenshot shows page 1 of the settings and screenshot 2 shows page 2 where you will need to input you Long & Latitude settings for where you are. (You can use Dishpointer or Google maps to get this info)

USALS has been set to “No”. For the dish motor to move to each sat position that you would like use you have to store a position number that the dish can move too,a up to date motor channel list is advised.

I am using 28e in this example, in screenshot 2 you will see that usals is set to “no” this will give you the option to store a position number, i have used “028” for 28e.

To map your dish motor and set the stored positions that you want to use,in Service Searching select “Positioner setup”, in here you can move the dish to whatever sat you want to store and save that position. move the dish to 28e and then save that position as 028.

This can be done for all the sats that you would like to store,remember to save each stored sat with a different number, ie 16e as 016,13e as 013 etc etc

Tuner Config Tutorial - Motor Setup without Usals 1.png


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